Ketchup-Flavoured Potato Chips

Up here in Toronto, we’ll find that some restaurants advertise themselves as serving “Canadian cuisine.”  It sounds odd to me, and I’m not sure what Canadian cuisine actually is.  (I suppose “American cuisine” may also be a humorous notion to some, but at least I have a grasp on what they’re talking about.)

I generally have found most “Canadian” food to be not too terribly much different than “American” food.  But they do have their specialty items that we don’t have in the States or at least in So Cal.

Today, I offer one of those purely Canadian delicacies:  Ketchup-Flavoured Potato Chips!

You’ll probably notice the writing on the bag is in both English and French, as it is with all products here in Canada.

They have all kinds of flavored (or flavoured) potato chips up here, as in the States.  My personal favorite (or favourite) has always been barbecue.   But I had never seen one seasoned with “ketchup” before.

Here’s what a chip looks like:

It’s similar to a barbecue chip, but only a little bit redder.

And the taste?  Well, honestly, it tastes like a potato chip covered in ketchup flavored spices.

It’s so salty that I can see how people could get hooked on them.

But here’s my quandary: In the US – the land of all things junk food – why haven’t these little guys shown up there?  It’s kind of a mystery.

I’m glad I tried them, but I don’t think I’ll be buying them again.  Too salty, too fattening, and possibly way too addictive.


About iammonicasue

I'm just gal who was born and raised in So Cal, who has lived my whole life in California... until now. I moved to Toronto in August 2010 and this is my blog about the differences I'm discovering between the home I came from and the home I'm getting to know.
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2 Responses to Ketchup-Flavoured Potato Chips

  1. Chris says:

    It’s like you’re narrating my childhood. I used to love eating ketchup chips. Hostess brand.

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