Mix and Match – What does it mean?

Hey you guys!  Up for a little quiz?

Just mix and match the terms below with their meaning!  I’ll give you the answers at the end.  (Hint: Remember to think like someone who lives in Toronto.)

1. 416er                            a. The subway, bus and streetcar system

2. TTC                               b. Someone who lives in the suburbs surrounding Toronto

3. RCMP                            c. Canada’s version of a Congressman

4. U of T                             d. The Mounties!

5. 905er                              e. A big area from Halton to Durham (But not Hamilton)

6. MP                                   f. The most international and diverse city in the world

7. GTA                                 g. Canada’s NPR

8. CBC                                  h. Someone who lives in Toronto proper

9. The Big T-O                    i. A big ol’ school in the the middle of Toronto

Okay!  Pencils down!  How did you think you did?


1. is h.  416 is the area code for the city of Toronto.  A 416er is basically a title for a hipster who lives in the city and loves the city life.  (By the way, I have a 416 area code.  Wink, wink.)

2. is a. TTC stands for Toronto Transit Commission, but everyone just calls it “the TTC.”  It’s a major, major topic of discussion all the time, because everyone in the city uses public transit so much.  That, and they were talking about a fare hike recently, which they were able to stave off, thank God!

3. is d. RCMP stands for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, otherwise known as the Mounties!  I’ve yet to see one here in their awesome red uniforms, but there is a part of me that fears when I do that I’ll sing the theme song from Dudley Do Right!  (They probably don’t like that, do they?)

4. is i. U of T stands for University of Toronto, but everyone, even people who don’t go there, call it simply U of T.  It’s located right in downtown Toronto and is so big that it serves over 45,000 students.  It’s also where my husband is going to school… sort of.

5. is b.  905 is the area code for the suburbs surrounding Toronto.  And as you can probably imagine, the term 905er is used in a derogative way to describe folks that are bland, boring, unsophisticated and/or ignorant.  In other words, normal people who aren’t hipsters.

6. is c. MP stands for Member of Parliament.  Canada is run on a parliamentary system with a Senate that is appointed and a House of Commons which has elected members. Everyone calls those members “MPs.”

7. is e. GTA stands for the Greater Toronto Area.  It’s made up of the City of Toronto in the middle and is surrounded by the municipalities of Halton, Peel, York and Durham. Altogether the GTA encompasses 5.6 million people!  Sadly, Hamilton, a port city southwest of Toronto of over 500,000 people is not included in the GTA.  Why is that sad? Only because I’ve met some pretty cool people from Hamilton, so it deserves some love, too!

8. is g. CBC stands for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  CBC is a huge radio, television and record empire, but they’re known best for their radio programs, which are very much like National Public Radio back in the States.  If you want real international news and really creative shows, CBC is the place to go!

9. is f. The Big T-O is a nickname for the city of Toronto itself.  It’s the largest city in Canada, with over 2.5 million residents.  49% of the city’s residents were born outside of Canada.  UNESCO officially ranked it as the most ethnically diverse city in the world, and it is where I am calling home for the next few years.

So, let’s tally how you did!

7-9 answers correct = You must be Canadian, eh?
4-6 answers correct = You must be a very knowledgeable person
0-3 answers correct = You must be American, huh?
(Don’t worry; I didn’t really know anything about Canada until I moved here!)

Hey, if you read this, please let me know what you scored in the Comments section!

About iammonicasue

I'm just gal who was born and raised in So Cal, who has lived my whole life in California... until now. I moved to Toronto in August 2010 and this is my blog about the differences I'm discovering between the home I came from and the home I'm getting to know.
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13 Responses to Mix and Match – What does it mean?

  1. shelley says:

    well, I got a score of six. but I did live in Canada at one point. Saskatchewan, to be specific. So the ones I missed were the Toronto bits. Maybe we should create another quiz next weekend–we’ve got some driving time ahead of us! 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Hamiltonians = proud to not be Torontonian (says this Hamiltonian)

  3. Katie K says:

    My score was 5 but I admit that I guessed on numbers 1 and 5 and got lucky. Fun quiz Monica! Thanks for helping to make me a better person. =)

  4. Kris says:

    I loved the quiz! But am I the only one who noticed you have to G answers? Is #1 really H? If so, I got them all right!! Just kiddin’. I did get a few right though. And I’m very proud of that. 🙂

  5. Kris says:

    I mean’t TWO, not “to”. Silly me.

  6. Tom Unfried says:

    I got a perfect score, but have to subtract two because I glimpsed a mention of the 416 area code somewhere on your blog. But still, 7. I’ve only visited Canada – and never Toronto.

    I don’t that makes me Canadian…just a nerd who knows way too much trivia

    • iammonicasue says:

      Well, done, Tom! I’ll still give you a perfect score. You shouldn’t knock yourself simply for paying attention! I love it when people are knowledgeable!

  7. I got 4, but only because I got a lucky guess on 2 of them, lol! So does that make me still VERY American, or do I qualify as knowledgeable? Thanks for the quiz!

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