Eager for the Sun

It’s finally spring here in Toronto! Having never really experienced four different seasons before, I was looking forward to the spring as I had heard that it was a lovely time of year.

But back in March when the spring officially started, the only major change I noticed from winter was that we now had enough rain to melt all the piles of built-up snow. But it was still rather cold, and we had several more days of snow, wind and rain in store.

April was pretty dreary as well. While it was getting slowly warmer, we had mostly overcast, foggy and/or rainy days. The snow was gone, but the trees were still bare and the ground was brown. Where was this spring that everyone was talking about?

Ah! May! There it is! Suddenly, the grass is green, the trees are sprouting little green leaves and all the bulbs are in bloom. Simultaneously, the weather has turned lovely with highs in the mid to upper teens Celsius (that’s upper 50’s Fahrenheit), and skies clear and blue. So, this is what everyone means by “spring.” Lovely.

And, just like I expected, I’ve started to see people wearing shorts – shorts! – even though it’s never gotten over 60F yet. But, simultaneously, I’ve also seen people still wearing their winter coats. Spring is such an interesting time.

But the thing that made me realize just how hungry Torontonians are for spring to be in full swing is actually what I saw on Friday evening. It had been a very lovely day, with highs in the mid-50sF. That evening, all sorts of people were sitting outside eating on restaurant patios. At that point, it was probably about 50F, but there they were sitting outside to eat because they could, gosh darn it!

I couldn’t help but think back to many of my friends back in So Cal. For them, a high of 50F would feel like the dead of winter. They’d be completely bundled up under quilts with fires going in their fireplaces, talking about how cozy it feels when it’s “cold.” Just the thought of sitting outside on a patio to eat would make them shudder with disbelief.

Yes, So Cal has unbelievably comfortable weather. But it does lack the wonder, joy and enthusiasm of spring.

About iammonicasue

I'm just gal who was born and raised in So Cal, who has lived my whole life in California... until now. I moved to Toronto in August 2010 and this is my blog about the differences I'm discovering between the home I came from and the home I'm getting to know.
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2 Responses to Eager for the Sun

  1. Katie K says:

    How lovely that you actually get to see four distinct seasons. I’m starting to think more and more that I would actually appreciate California’s hot summers if we actually had a real winter. Josh and I always joke that we’re the only SoCal residents who wake up in the morning and say, “Aw man, sun again? Ugh, really? When is it going to rain?”

    • iammonicasue says:

      I have to admit, I’m enjoying the differences, for sure. But you know, the folks up here keep telling me how much they want it to be summer all year. So, I guess we all want what we don’t have!

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