I’m a true So Cal gal – born, raised and lived all my life in the great state of California!  I recently moved to Toronto, ON, Canada, and this blog is a chronicle of the differences I’m discovering between the home I left and the new home I’m getting to know.

What I’ve noticed ranges from the philosophical to the mundane.  I hope to provide a range of things for folks to consider and hopefully enjoy learning about.

By the way, the photo on my banner was taken by my husband from the balcony of our apartment.  Great view, yes?

3 Responses to About

  1. Carolann Duffin says:

    gonna love reading your thoughts!

  2. elliottman98 says:


    As someone who has lived in the US for my entire life and will soon be moving to the Toronto area (Mississauga to be exact) I have found your posts to be incredibly helpful and informative. It’s nice to hear from another American that made the move about your experiences.

    I am curious as to why you stopped writing. Is it simply a matter of running out of new revelations or exciting ideas?

    Once again, thanks so much for the helpful content.

    • iammonicasue says:

      Hi Elliotman98, I’m absolutely thrilled that you’ve found my posts helpful to you. Thank you for sharing that! I wrote on this blog throughout my first year of living in Toronto as a way to help me process the transition. I think I stopped when things simply started feeling more familiar and less foreign to me. When my husband finished his studies, we came back to the States, in 2014, and we’ve been in the States ever since. But a part of our hearts still yearns for Canada and our dear, dear friends we made there. Who knows? If we end up going back, perhaps I’ll pick this blog up again! May all go very well with your move to a great city in a great country!

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