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Can’t watch it on Hulu

One of the weirdest things to get used to up here in Canada is the fact that we don’t have access to all the same sites on the internet as in the United States.  Case in point is Hulu. If … Continue reading

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Metric? Maybe…

Everyone knows that Canada is on the metric system, right?  So, when we decided to move here, I started trying to reconcile Celsius to Fahrenheit, miles to kilometres, grams to ounces, gallons to litres, etc, etc.  (You know, it’s fun … Continue reading

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Nobody Walks In LA

The 80s band Missing Persons did get this one right: nobody walks in LA.  Unless, of course, you’re walking from your car to your destination, because you had to park so far away.  But, otherwise, nobody walks in LA or … Continue reading

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